Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DOH reiterates evacuees' death in Marawi happens in hospitals

MANILA, June 19--Department of Health (DOH) on Monday reiterated that deaths among evacuees in Marawi City occured in the hospitals and not in the evacuation centers.

"The deaths are in the hospitals...Most of them have pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, cancer and high-blood," DOH Secretary Dr. Paulyn Ubial said in an interview with the media during the launching of DOH Quitline in the Lung Center of the Philippines.

Ubial said that to date (June 19), a total of 25 deaths were recorded by DOH among evacuees in Marawi.

The latest of these deaths was the premature death of a pregnant mother that caused the death of the baby the other day (June 18).

Meanwhile, the Health Chief once again reiterated that there was no truth on the news that that she mentioned that there were a total of 59 deaths among evacuees in Marawi duing a press briefing held in Legazpi City during the ASEAN Dengue day event.

"That was totally wrong" she said.

The Health Chief repeated her earlier clarification that what she said was "misheard" when she mentioned that aside from 19 deaths there were still four other deaths that could be attributed to dehydration.

She said that adding 19 and 4 together totaled only to 23.

She said that she was unsure if intentionally or unintentionally what she mentioned in Tagalog as "apat na po" ) were taken in the context of "apatnapu" or 40 by the media who ask for that question during a presscon in ASEAN Dengue Day.

"How can they conclude when in the first place, kayo (media practitioner) ‘yong nagtanong sa akin kung anong nangyari sa apat na namatay. I don’t know if it’s intentional or unintentional pero mali po. That’s 19 plus 40. Doon po nakuha ‘yong 59 which is not true," when asked to explain how the conclusion came.(LSJ/PNA)