Monday, January 9, 2017

Environment execs conduct mandatory orientation seminar on waste disposal in Legazpi City
By Emmanuel P. Solis

LEGAZPI CITY, Jan. 5 (PNA) -- Environment officials are conducting a half-day orientation seminar on proper waste disposal this month for all owners of business establishments in this city as a way of complying with a city ordinance that implements the city’s Ecological Waste Management Program (ESWMP).

City Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) Officer Salve Corral, in an interview Thursday, said the seminar, which is jointly conducted by CENRO and Department of Environment and Natural Resources Environmental Management Bureau, complies with city ordinance 0010-2008 that implements the “no segregation no collection policy” under the city’s ESWMP.

She said the seminar which started on January 4 will continue until Jan. 27 at the City Convention Center inside the motorpool area at Airport Road Washington Drive in this city.

“All business owners and operators under sole proprietorship are required to attend this seminar,” said Corral.

She said corporations, commercial companies, industrial factories and manufacturing plants have to send their managers or those handling their waste disposal concerns to the seminar.

Corral said seminar participants will receive a certificate of attendance which is one of the requirements to get a barangay clearance.

The barangay clearance is one of the requirements for the renewal of business permits and licenses of owners of commercial establishments.

She said the certificate of attendance to the orientation seminar will be valid for three years.

Sole proprietors of businesses who violate the ordinance will be meted Php 300 fine for the first offense, Php500 for the second offense and Php1,000 or community service for the third offense.

Meanwhile commercial business, industrial and other establishments who violate this ordinance, will have to pay a fine of Php1,000 for the first offense, Php2,000 for the second offense and Php 3,000 for the third offense.

Corral said CENRO is fine-tuning the construction of another concrete cell at the adjacent area of the sanitary landfill as a way of preparing for the time when the “life span of the dumpsite expires.”

On 2010, when the sanitary landfill started its operation, some 200 cubic meters of garbage were collected daily but because of the proper waste segregation at source as mandated in the city’s ESWMP, the waste materials deposited in the sanitary landfill have been reduced.

Corral said this was the reason for their projection that the two-year life span of the landfill will be extended, which means it will not expire until next year or by 2018.

She said CENRO has been monitoring the proper way of waste disposal in every barangay to maintain a healthful and environment-friendly community. (PNA) LAP/GVR/EPS/CBD/EDS