Thursday, January 12, 2017

City helps farmers in 31 villages recover from crop losses due to typhoon 'Nina'
By Emmanuel P. Solis

LEGAZPI CITY, Jan. 11 (PNA) —- Mayor Noel E. Rosal has directed the City Agriculture Office (CAO) to fast-track rehabilitation efforts for some 548 farmers in 31 agricultural villages in Legazpi City whose livelihood were destroyed by typhoon Nina.

He said there is a need to assess the initial survey results on all the farmers whose land was affected by the typhoon so the city administration could support them in starting again for their daily planting activities.

City Agriculturist Jess Kallos said that monitoring by his office after the typhoon showed 222 hectares of the city’s agricultural lands were affected by the calamity.

He said 75 hectares of rice lands suffered extreme damage while coconuts, vegetables and other root crops suffered “slight damage.”

Kallos said they estimated that the farmers had lost Php3.1 million worth of production costs that went to their planting activities before the calamity happened.

He said his office is ready to provide rice seedlings to all the farmers whose fields were battered by typhoon Nina.

“The seedlings are part of the city’s techno-demo farm on hybrid rice production,” said Callos.

He said, however, that these seedlings could be used by the farmers for their next cropping season and that the “borrowed seedlings” could be returned to CAO after the next harvest season.

Kallos said CAO is also willing to provide different seedlings of vegetables to all affected farmers that could be used as “start-up materials” for the next planting season so the farmers could recover their capital losses due to typhoon Nina.

He added that all the identified affected farmers, including the list of the affected agricultural lands, will be submitted to the Albay Provincial Agriculture Office and Department of Agriculture (DA) for inclusion in the rehabilitation assistance program.

Kallos said this will fast track the recovery of the city’s agricultural areas.

Rosal earlier handed over Php100,000 each to the mayors of five municipalities in Albay whose agricultural land and houses suffered much destruction from the typhoon.

The five Albay towns were Polangui, Oas and Libon, all in the province’s third district, and Tiwi and Malinao, both in the first congressional district.

Rosal said the financial aid was part of the calamity fund of the city administration that will be used for “clearing operations” in the five affected towns. (PNA) LAP/GVR/EPS/CBD