Sunday, August 7, 2016

Albay lawmaker seeks ban on entry to PHL of US presidential bet Donald Trump
By Mario S. Arguelles

LEGAZPI CITY, Aug. 7 (PNA) -- Albay Rep. Joey Salceda (2nd District) said on Saturday he will file a proposed House Resolution banning U.S. Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump from entering the Philippines after the latter labelled Filipinos as coming from a "terrorist state" that could create a potential pool of recruitment for "Islamic terror" groups.

Salceda strongly urged members of Congress to adopt his House Resolution No. 143 seeking to prevent Trump from entering the country as it will be “inimical to national interests.”

The resolution came after Trump was quoted by international media as having issued a warning against immigrants, including those from the Philippines, who could possibly be a market for recruitment by the Islamic terror groups.

Salceda said the “ugly remarks” have put to shame both Filipinos and Filipino Muslims, including Oversees Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have been recognized as modern heroes of the country.

Salceda said Trump’s current stature as candidate of a major political party of the most powerful country in the world would give his remarks widespread dissemination.

The Albay lawmaker said as a result, Trump’s derogatory remarks would aggravate the shame being hurdled by Filipinos, especially the migrant Filipinos overseas.

Salceda's House resolution put to task the Bureau of Immigration so it would permanently refuse Trump’s entry to the Philippines.

He cited BI Memorandum Order No. ADD-01-005 dated March 29, 2001 which specifically listed the grounds that may bar foreign nationals from entering the country.

Salceda said on the basis of these grounds, Trump may be denied entry to the country as he has “clearly generated impressions not conducive to public good.”

The impressions, he added, have “shown disrespect or made offensive utterances to the Filipino people.”

Trumps’ pronouncement, according to Salceda, has labeled the country as a potential "terrorist state" or “posed as a Trojan horse in foreign lands.”

The Albay solon said Trump’s utterances have demonstrated an “unrepentantly negative, dysfunctionally nativist, aggressively adversarial attitude” towards immigrants in the U.S. where Trump aspires to be the leader.

Salceda said Trump’s aspiration to be the next U.S. President puts him in a position to influence policies affecting the U.S. population of Filipino descent, which the U.S. State Department estimates to be around four million, representing the second largest population of Asian Americans.

The Albay lawmaker’s resolution said Trump’s “ugly remarks” against the Filipinos are in stark contrast to the hospitality, including “patronage given by the Filipinos” to Trump’s property project called the “Trump Tower at Century City.”

Salceda said Trump “earned handsomely” from the 56-story project worth PHP6 billion that has now been fully sold. (PNA) SCS/GVR/MSA/CBD