Friday, July 29, 2016

Legazpi lying-in clinics show zero maternal death
By Emmanuel P. Solis

LEGAZPI CITY, July 28 (PNA) -- City Mayor Noel E. Rosal on Tuesday commended the City Health Office (CHO) for its “very successful” implementation of the city’s maternal health care services that have resulted in zero maternal death since the three lying-in clinics in Legazpi City started becoming operational in 2009.

Rosal specifically asked City Health Officer Fulbert Alec Gillego to pursue its educational campaign on the city’s maternal health care services, that also include nutrition counseling, to all the mothers of this city.

The mayor said the campaign is one way of giving the mothers additional knowledge to ensure they would have a safe pregnancy so maternal death cases and premature delivery of babies could be avoided.

Data gathered showed CHO has sustained the operation of the three maternity lying-in clinics in the city located in three villages (barangay): one each in Barangay Buyuan at the northern section of this city, Barangay Banquerohan at the southern part, and in the main building of the CHO.

The birthing homes, which are operating 24/7, are being manned by medical professionals and health workers such as doctors, nurses and midwives.

A total of 206 babies have been delivered from January to June, all of whom have been screened under the city’s newborn screening program, said data from the CHO.

CHO records showed the same babies, which were immunized under the expanded program on immunization, were able to receive proper pre-natal examination and newborn care from the medical health providers.

Gillego said two other lying-in clinics were constructed in Barangays Taysan and Dap-dap, both in the southern portion of the city. Building of the two facilities was made possible through an agreement between the office of the Department of Health-Bicol and the city government.

He said the clinics will be additional venues for maternal health care services as these would be serving women in the lower portion of the southern villages and those coming from coastal barangays. “We are just awaiting installation of tiles and windows while the perimeter fence of the two birthing homes will be painted before it could be opened to the public,” Gillego pointed out.

He said his office achieved zero maternal death because they followed the rules of the Department of Health in conducting a yearly “Buntis Congress” that educates women on prenatal care to avoid complications in pregnancy, proper breastfeeding and care for the newborn.

“During the prenatal consultations of the pregnant women the CHO gives them micronutrients, folic acid, iron, vitamins and calcium to ensure the babies would have strong bones,” he added.

Gillego pointed out that CHO conducts a yearly “Sagip Kalusugan” (save the health) program that provides a package of health services to pre-school children from 70 villages in the city.

The services include giving free medical consultations, laboratory exams and chest x-ray exams. As a way of reducing malnutrition cases in the communities, CHO conducts feeding activities and deworming and gives vitamin supplements.

CHO also holds a yearly congress that promotes proper breastfeeding practices among mothers and ensure their babies get the proper nutrients and saved from malnutrition and infectious diseases.

“The breastfeeding system is very important because the milk of the mother has antibodies that will coat the intestine of their babies to help them fight infectious diseases. Breast cancer on the part of the mother could also be prevented,” said Gillego.(PNA) BNB/GVR/EPS/CBD