Thursday, July 7, 2016

First Pinay Fil-Am Admiral in US Naval Command is a Bicolana
By Connie B. Destura

LEGAZPI CITY, July 7 (PNA) -- "There is no goal that is unachievable."

This was the message of US Navy Rear Admiral Bette Bolivar of US Naval Command in an interview with Philippine News Agency during the Gender and Development Seminar as the keynote speaker.

The Gender and Development Seminar at the Bicol Regional Teaching and Training Hospital (BRTTH) is part of the Humanitarian Mission of the ongoing Pacific Partnership in Albay.

In an interview Thursday, asked how does she feels being the first Filipina-American Admiral in the Naval command Bolivar said “I’m Blessed! I did not make it because I’m smart, I’m blessed to have team surrounding me telling me, educating me what to say, how to do things, I’m blessed to have a great team, it’s not just the navy family but the whole department of defense family help me to get where I am now.

Born in Hawaii with Filipino parents wherein her father is from Nabua Camarines and her mother hails from Pangasinan, Bolivar raised in a traditional Filipino household.

My father is from here and defending our country and able to support and defended the constitution is something we oath and I’m very proud to say that I’ll do it until I die.

According to Bolivar, she was the ‘tomboy’ of the family even as a child.

Bolivar entered the Naval Academy with the blessing of her father Teddy and mother Virginia Dolor Bolivar.

"For the young generation now, I would say follow your goal, if there something you want to achieve just keep on going and you’ll get there, don’t give up and you will be blessed, with the people surrounding you and go out of the box, give a kick, my dad was an inspiration," Bolivar emphasized.

"Family supporting you, able to set a goal, stick with it and believe in yourself and you’ll be fine," she added.

Pacific Partnership is an annual deployment of forces from the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy (USN), in cooperation with regional governments and military forces, along with humanitarian and non-government organizations. (PNA) BNB/CBD