Monday, June 6, 2016

Mining engineers to meet in Legazpi, first to use city’s convention center
By Emmanuel P. Solis

LEGAZPI CITY, June 3 (PNA) -- City Mayor Noel E. Rosal on Friday ordered City Architect Rey Acosta and the personnel of the construction division of City Engineering Office to check all the facilities of the newly constructed Convention Center building as part of the preparations for forthcoming National Convention of Philippine Society of Mining Engineers (PSME) here.

Rosal specifically asked for a thorough checkup of the electrical installations, sound system, air conditioning units, roofing works beams, comfort rooms, dressing rooms and other facilities of the building.

The PSME will be the first large organization to use the convention center, with an estimated 2,000 officers and members expected to attend its three-day national gathering on June 8-10.

Rosal said the PSME is a highly respected group of mining engineers which aims to provide assistance to its members and to promote the welfare of the organization.

It also aims to provide programs and enhance opportunities for its members to work responsibly as professionals for the development of the mining industry.

Rosal said the construction of the project was made possible by a Php50 million loan granted by the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) Legazpi City Branch as requested by the city to finance the civil works of the building.

The original design of the project was a multi-purpose hall but due to the increasing number of international as well as national and local organizations that want to hold their meetings in the city, Rosal decided to convert it into convention center.

He said the newly built edifice can be considered as one of the most modern convention centers in the entire Bicolandia with an acoustical wall panel that will guarantee the good sound waves of the sound systems.

The building is located at the adjacent lot of the city motor pool in Washington Drive and only a walking distance from the Legazpi City Airport.

It has a total floor area of 2,165.55 square meters with a total parking space good for 104 cars.

It can also accommodate 1,000 sets in a restaurant setting or 3,000 sets in a theater setting, the city mayor said.

He said the newly constructed building can accommodate a big organization in a meeting.

“It will help improve the continuously increasing number of tourist arrivals in our city in order to achieve our target to become one of the top five convention cities by year 2020,” Rosal said.

Based on data gathered from the City Tourism Office, Rosal said the city has an annual average of 35 different kinds of gathering, with an increase of 45 percent in tourist arrivals or a total of 967,396 visitors recorded in 2015 compared to 666,210 tourist personalities posted in 2014.

“All big events conducted here have improved indirect taxes that benefited so much the city’s business sector like restaurants, hotels, bars and other entertainment establishments that resulted in the continuous increase of tax collected by the city and improved income for the transport sector,” Rosal pointed out.

He said the improvement of business activities in this city will continue to increase its share of the internal revenue allotment from the national government because its share from the IRA is based on the computation of taxes collected here by the Bureau Internal Revenue. (PNA) LAP/FGS/EPS/CBD/SGP