Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Legazpi City to strictly enforce curfew for minors
By Emmanuel P. Solis

LEGAZPI CITY, June 14 (PNA) -- Mayor Noel E. Rosal on Tuesday ordered Police Supt. Joselito Esico, city chief of police, to fully implement the city’s curfew ordinance to keep the youth and minors below 18 years old away from any illegal activity as part of maintaining peace and order in the city.

Rosal specifically asked Esico to conduct regular inspection of videoke bars, beer houses, night clubs, movie houses, hotels, restaurants, Internet cafes, shopping malls, billiard halls, terminals, markets, parks and other favorite jamming places of youth and minors from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m.

He said he will also urge officers and members of the City’s Barangay Curfew Enforcement Team (BCET) and Public Safety Officers (PSO) to inform parents to advise their children not to roam in the streets and public places during curfew hours to avoid arrest by law enforcers.

The city chief executive ordered the BCET to arrest minors who are roaming in public places during curfew hours and turn them over to the custody of their parents or guardians with parental authority over the minors.

Rosal said that if the youth and minors are rescued by the personnel of PNP or PSO, they shall be turned over to the BCET and then the chairman of the team will issue a curfew citation order to the parents of the minor violators.

If the minor violator is a resident of another barangay, he or she will be turned over by the BCET to the City Social Welfare and Development Office for safety and protection, he said.

Rosal said only youth and minors accompanied by their parents or guardians for the purpose of buying medicines or calling for the services of a physician, fireman, police officer and other similar circumstances are authorized to go outside their residents.

Those going to scholastic functions or attend night school are allowed to go out.

Rosal said that in the first offense of the minor violators, the BCET will issue a reprimand letter to their parents or guardians.

In the second offense, the parents are required to attend a one-day family therapy session at the office of the City Social Work and Development Office while in the third offense, the parents or guardians are required to pay a fine of PHP500 or render one-day community service.

If the parent fails to pay the fine or render community service, a criminal complaint shall be filed in court, to be signed by the chief of police, for violation of this ordinance. (PNA) FFC/FGS/EPS/CBD