Friday, June 3, 2016

Daughter seeks police help vs drug-using ma who beat her sister
By Jorge Hallare

LEGAZPI CITY, June 2 (PNA) -- Police arrested a 46-year-old mother on the complaint of her daughter, who claimed their parent beat her younger sister, at Zone 4A Spillway, Barangay Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City, at about 2:15 p.m. Wednesday.

The police found Susan M. Valenzuela, the complainant's mother, and two other suspects in the act of having a pot session in their residence.

Valenzuela's live-in partner, Jaime Bernales, was able to escape by destroying the wall of their shanty.

They identified Valenzuela's two companions as Nestor T. Asangre, single and 30 years old, and Michelle V. Mendoza, also single and 30 years old.

In her complaint to the police, Maryrose, 22, told members of the Naga City Police Station that her mother beat her younger sister, Maria Concepcion, 13.

Elements of the NCPS led by Insp. Randy Ricafrente immediately responded and unexpectedly found Valenzuela's group having a pot session.

The police confiscated drug paraphernalia from the group. (PNA) RMA/FGS/JH/CBD