Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bicol cops farm out to villages to identify drug personalities
By Jorge Hallare

LEGAZPI CITY, June 6 (PNA) -- Members of the Philippine National Police Regional Office 5 (PRO5) have started to go to barangays to get information from local officials and residents regarding suspected drug pushers and users in their communities.

Senior Insp. Ma. Luisa Calubaquib, PRO5 spokesperson, said each police station in the region is now conducting an information drive in the villages wherein, through the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC), the police officers are campaigning for a united effort to fight the proliferation of illegal drugs in line with the program of the new administration to eradicate illegal drugs in the soonest possible time.

Aside from the information campaign on the negative effects of the illegal drugs, the police officers are also getting information from residents on the identities of drug personalities in their community.

As a result of the move, the PRO5 personnel were able to get positive reactions from the villagers who feed them information on the so-called "new players" who are not yet in the PNP drug watch lists and these are now being evaluated by the Intelligence Division of PRO5.

Calubaquib said all the information they gather undergo a thorough validation to ensure the veracity of the report and avoid committing mistakes in their future operations.

She cited as an example the information campaign done in the 3rd District of Albay wherein while the police were giving orientation on illegal drugs, a nine-year-old boy listening during the lecture gave information on an illegal drug pusher in the community.

When the police validated the child's information, it yielded positive result and they were able to catch the suspect in the village.

Even the FB social network of PRO5 called "Kasurog Bikol" has been opened to the public, which anybody can use as a venue to give tips on illegal drugs.

Calubaquib said more than 20 netizens have already given information about their co-villagers using or pushing drugs, including a police officer.

She even praised those who have been brave enough to mention their identities and cellphone numbers.

The PRO5 spokesperson assured that the identities of the informants will be kept confidential to secure them. (PNA) FFC/FGS/JH/CBD