Thursday, June 16, 2016

Albay town cops put twist to PNP’s anti-criminality ‘One Time Big Time Operation’ program
By Jorge Hallare

LEGAZPI CITY, June 15 (PNA) -- Senior Insp. Dexter Panganiban, Philippine National Police Libon town deputy chief of police, admitted that it pains his heart every time he hears parents cautioning their children to behave or else they would be arrested by a policeman.

And the same feeling is true with his fellow officers.

He said they feel sad when a parent warns, “Stop crying, the policeman is here. He will arrest you.” Or, “Stop playing and go upstairs now for there is a policeman.”

Panganiban remembers a similar situation when elderly village folk would say if they wanted to warn the younger ones, “Don’t go out, the evil spirit will get you.”

“This could, perhaps, be the reason why the public shy away from police officers even they, except for some, do not do anything bad at all,” the police official said.

To reverse this situation and win back the trust of the public, the Libon Municipal Police Station (LMPS), headed by Chief Inspector Edgar Azotea as chief of police, launched "One Time Big Time (OTBT) Operation” with a twist.

The PNP’s OTBT Operation is its anti-criminality program where its men relentlessly go after criminals, especially those with warrants of arrest, until they are captured.

With the successful OTBT operations of the PNP, the LMPS has found an idea and instead of going only after criminals, its members have gone into winning the hearts of village folk through the unit’s "OTBT with a Twist".

This program finds the LMPS personnel going to villages and bringing with them food, school supplies and community projects like tree-planting, coastal clearing and other beneficial activities.

Panganiban said they started the project on May 21 in Barangay Talin-Talin.

On Tuesday, they were in Barangay Sta Cruz to formally launch the "One Time Big Time Operation with a Twist".

With them are the members of the LMPS Municipal Advisory Council and representatives of the religious sector.

They were gladly welcomed by village officials headed by Barangay Captain Lilia Rosanes.

The group held a program at the Sta. Cruz Elementary School where the LMPS members distributed T-shirts, school supplies and food to 200 students from Kinder to Grade 6.

The T-shirts have the marking "One Time Big Time with a Twist".

The program was followed by a tree-planting activity in the barangay.

Partaking of a sumptuous meal boodle fight-style by the police officers and village officials, including barangay tanod, capped the morning activities.

The parents were very cooperative and attentive during the consultation dialogue wherein the LMPS presented their campaign against illegal drugs, women and children protection, environmental protection and the implementation of the Oplan Lambat-Sibat, Performance Governance System/PNP Patrol Plan 2030, "Call and Blast" hotline and other programs of the PNP for the attainment of peace and order in the barangay.

Azotea and Panganiban distributed certificates of commendation to the village officials.

Aside from the village officials and the parents, the pupils also expressed their gratitude to the police officers.

Some of them were Earl Tangilod, a Grade lV pupil; Bryan Ocampo, Grade lll; Jonelyn Rellata, Johanna Rose Leron and Mary Rose Ann Llegodo, Grade l; and Zyra Sesa, Kindergarten.

Sta. Cruz Elementary School teacher-in-charge Alden Bobier was very thankful to the LMPS for bringing the program to the school as it was the first such program that the students had experienced and enjoyed.

Bobier said the students likened the police officers to their television series idols "Kuya Kardo" and "Ate Glen" in "Ang Probinsyano", who give protection and entertainment to children.

Panganiban said they will continue the program in all the villages of Libon town in the days to come. (PNA) LAP/FGS/JH/CBD