Monday, May 16, 2016

New set of leaders to rule Albay town
By Joana Angela Prianes

OAS, Albay May 12 (PNA) -- It's a fresh new start for the Municipality of Oas as new mayor, vice mayor and majority of municipal councilors were elected to rule the local government unit for the next three years.

Former municipal councilor Domingo Escoto Jr. won the mayoral post formerly occupied by Gregorio Ricarte, whose three terms ends on June 30.

Three aspirants vied for the mayoral seat and the other two, aside from Escoto, are his co-municipal councilor Celso Rellama and Jose Gregorio Ricarte, son of the outgoing mayor, who tried to replace his father in the top post.

Taking the place of Efren Baltazar as vice mayor of the town is Junpale Yuchongco of the Liberal Party.

Yuchongco, who got 7,572 votes, defeated in a tight fight his four other opponents -- Lani Bumanglag, who got 6,429 votes; Raul Sergio, 4,691; Jesus Reario, 3,589; and Maria Jessica Redrico, 3,303 votes.

The new set of municipal councilors consists of Reene Raro, Gader Rellama, Poldo Zaragosa, Greg Comboy, Delbert Butch Vicera, Raymundo Raquid, Lourdes Ranara and Fred Reburiano.

The only old timers who retained their positions are Robert Arevalo and Chol Redillas. (PNA) FFC/FGS/OJT/cbd