Monday, April 11, 2016

Privacy, security satisfy SOCCKSARGEN sports warriors billeted in Bacacay town
By Marife B. Sesor

BACACAY, Albay, April 11 (PNA) -- The strict observance of privacy and security in their billeting schools has satisfied the delegates from the Region 12 (SOCCKSARGEN).

Dr. Arturo Bayocot, Department of Education officer-in-charge regional director, said he is impressed with the preparations made by officials of the three schools in Bacacay, Albay where they are now staying.

Napoleon G. Comicho, education program supervisor for Physical Education on School Sports, City of Cotabato, commended the accommodations given to their athletes and other participants.

In fact, Comicho said, he is the one who personally recommended the three billeting areas in Bacacay town.

“'Yung accommodation nila okay sa amin. Prepared naman 'yung Bonga, especially dito sa elementary school. Before kami dumating dito sa school, aware na sila na ito ang billeting namin from Region 12,” he stated.

The delegation members are billeted in three schools in Bacacay -- Upper Bonga Elementary School, Lower Bonga Elementary School and Bonga National High School, where 515 persons from Central Mindanao are accommodated.

Andres B. Basabe, Upper Bonga Elementary School principal, worked hard for the enhancement of the facilities.

The rooms were renovated and cleaned well before the arrival of the Region 12 delegates, he said.

The same was done in Lower Bonga Elementary School and Bonga National High School as requested by the municipality.

“Actually, may mga nauna na dito. Mga March 24 yata may syam na ritong tao from Region 12 upang mag-check ng place. Kaya we made sure na okay na lahat bago pa dumating ang lahat nang mag-ii-stay dito,” Basabe said.

Zenaida B. Barbastro, Lower Bonga Elementary School principal, assigned utility workers for the maintenance of the surroundings.

So far, there have been no illnesses, injuries or complaints experienced by the school authorities.

The officials of the school have always seen to it that the privacy of the delegates has been observed, proper waste disposal facilities are in place and water is always available through the help of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

Officials also prepared 10 temporary bathrooms and cubicles for the delegates.

In terms of security, every school assigned to Region 12 is guarded by two or more policemen and barangay tanod (village watchmen), day and night.

Barangay officials are coordinating with the principals from time to time.

In fact, before the delegates arrived they asked the BFP and the police to inspect the premises of the schools to ensure the safety of everyone.

Bacacay Mayor Tobias B. Betito welcomed the delegates in a ceremony on Friday.

The Region 12 is expecting to participate in 17 events for the secondary and 15 for the elementary, excluding demo sports.

The warriors, as they claimed, are prepared for the competition and ready to make an impressive performance in the Palarong Pambansa 2016. (PNA) LAP/FGS/MARIFE B. SESOR-OJT/CBD