Monday, March 7, 2016

Legazpi City pursues PHP10M abattoir rehab project
By Emmanuel P. Solis

LEGAZPI CITY, March 4 (PNA) –- The Legazpi local government unit (LGU) is raising PHP10 million for the rehabilitation and improvement of its existing slaughterhouse to make it Class “AA” in standard as required by the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS).

Legazpi City Councilor Melissa Abadeza said on Friday the city will enter into a counterpart agreement with the Department of Agriculture (DA) to raise the amount.

Abadeza said her two resolutions submitted to the Sangguniang Panlunsod relative to the project have been adopted during its regular session on Jan. 26 and signed by Mayor Noel Rosal on Feb. 3.

Resolution No. 0027-2016 requests Rosal to create a special bids and awards committee (SBAC) for the conduct of bidding process on the Meat Inspection Improvement Program of Legazpi.

Resolution No. 0028-2016 requests the city mayor to create a special implementing unit (SIU) attached to the Office of the Mayor for the implementation of the Meat Establishment Improvement Program (MEIP).

Abadeza said the SP is now ready to adopt another resolution she submitted, Resolution No. 0026-2016, authorizing the city mayor to enter and sign the MOA with the DA for the rehabilitation and improvement of the slaughterhouse.

“We are waiting for the signing of the proposed MOA by both parties to make the said project implementable,” she said.

Based on the proposed MOA, both parties shall allocate PHP5 million each, or a 50-50 percent sharing agreement, for a total amount of PHP10 million to be used for the improvement of the project and also for the purchase of other equipment and facilities, the city lady legislator added.

She said the Office of the DA Secretary shall provide a technical assistance for the preparation of the engineering plan and design as well as the scope of works, listing of equipment and documents required in the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices and Sanitation Standard Operation Procedures.

The list of the NMIS accredited contractors and fabricators shall also be provided by the DA to participate in the bidding process and at the same, the agency will stand as co-chair in the SBAC, Abadeza said.

She said the DA and the SIU attached to the City Mayor’s Office have an authority to implement the project and will conduct a regular monitoring and evaluation in compliance to the scope of works and specifications.

To sustain the implementation of the project, the City Veterinary Office shall manage the slaughterhouse and the city will directly employ meat inspector, butchers, certified plant mechanic and other personnel with background in slaughtering animals, she added.

Based on the proposed MOA, there will be a water treatment facility for proper disposal of waste from the abattoir in order to prevent the contamination of water in the surrounding.

The city shall apply for the “Double AA” standard classification with the NMIS 90 days upon completion of the project so that it can increase the slaughtering fee, Abadeza said. (PNA) JMC/FGS/EPS/cbd