Tuesday, March 29, 2016

CHED-Bicol to give full scholarships, temporary jobs to college mentors affected by K-12
By Jorge Hallare

LEGAZPI CITY, March 28 (PNA) -- The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Office 5 will give full scholarships and temporary employment to college and university professors who are affected by the implementation of the K-12 program of the government.

Dr. George M. Colorado, CHED-5 regional director, on Monday said that in this connection, his office has called for a meeting with all executives and human resource officials of the colleges and universities in the entire region on March 21. Colorado said most of the concerned teachers will either lose teaching assignments or will have reduced loads because no student will enter first year college for two years because of the implementation of the K-12 program, so that the CHED needs to assist them.

He said the affected faculty members need not resign as they will return after two years of waiting so their respective schools would not have a problem as they will assume their previous work and so they do not need to look for new faculty members.

The CHED official said they will give scholarships to regular and permanent teachers who would have reduced loads if they want to study again for their masteral o doctoral degree for two years.

The commission will shoulder their educational expenses plus monthly stipend up to Php20,000 a month.

Colorado clarified that the commission can not give scholarships to teachers who will be disconnected with the schools they are presently working with.

He said the CHED has no record yet of K-12-affected teachers but the number is estimated to reach 25,000 in the entire country.

The CHED-5 head said the commission will still conduct screening if those who want to have further studies are qualified for the scholarships as it cannot give the benefit to all affected teachers.

The CHED will place as second priority those teachers who are contractual or part-timer as most of them have other sources of income.

Those faculty members who do not want to study and instead would just like to work will be employed in industries that have relation to the field that they are teaching like engineering, science and others so that they would be exposed to this field as a form of extension work.

The teachers will receive salaries equivalent to the load units in their respective schools.

The commission can also assign the teachers to do community services or teach in the barangays on proper hygiene, agriculture and fisheries and other relevant community services where they can help a lot in the improvement of the people, not only to themselves, as these would have great impact on industry and economy as well as serve as a marketing tool to convince student to enroll in their respective colleges and universities.

There are also research works and other technologies that could be given to the affected teachers, which could add to their knowledge while they earn.

Meanwhile, Colorado said, he asked all high school graduates who did not enter college last semester and school year to enroll now as they will be affected by the implementation of the K-12 next year.

Based on law, there will be a new curriculum in 2018 and all those who will enter college will no longer be accepted if they do not undergo senior high school. (PNA) LAP/FGS/JH/CBD/SSC