Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Albay health officer reminds public on Holy Week illnesses
By Connie B. Destura

LEGAZPI CITY, March 23 (PNA) -- The provincial health officer of Albay has reminded the public to be more careful in celebrating the Holy Week as may cases relating to health might occur assuring its readiness to any untoward iincident.

"We are ready for any incident that may happened, our office and hospitals in Albay are open and already in preposition for any untoward accident," Dr. Nataniel Rempillo said, adding that they have prepared tetanus toxoid, medicine used for anti-tenanus, for some devotees who will use unsafe nails and self-inflicted "panata" wounds.

Rempillo said it is unsafe to do some self-inflicted wounds, "We can commemorate the Holy Week through visita iglesia, spending time with your family, doing good to others everyday and pray."

The PHO chief also reiterated that summer is already felt and different diseases may be experienced like heat stroke, diarrhea, food poisoning and skin diseases.

The summer heat may also aggravate health conditions, he said.

"It is better that families bring their own food while on travel to prevent food poisoning, as it is expected that foods may spoil easily because of the heat," Rempillo advised.

Buyers must be more vigilant in asking vendors for their health card, and the local government unit must also monitor these vendors.

Rempillo also gave the following tips to prevent diseases: 1. Do not use dark-colored dress for it absorbs heat; 2. keep hydrated so that your body will be fresh; 3. take maintenance medicine; 4. wear eye protector and always bring fan; 5. wash hands frequently; 6. have excellent food preparation; and 7. always smile. (PNA) FFC/FGS/CBD