Monday, January 25, 2016

Legazpi City vies for 3rd level in ISA's public governance system
By Emmanuel P. Solis

LEGAZPI CITY, Jan. 22 (PNA) -- Mayor Noel E. Rosal on Thursday said Legazpi City is vying for the third level of the Performance Governance System (PGS), which is the proficiency, required by Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) for Public Governance.

Rosal said the city has been enrolled in the ISA for the past several years already.

In fact, the city has been recognized by the ISA as a Trailblazer City, the second highest award from the ISA, after the requirements in the initiated and complaint levels had been complied with already by the city administration.

These requirements were presented by Rosal and approved by the panelists of the ISA in 2014.

He said the PGS has four levels -- the initiated, complaint, proficiency and institutionalized levels.

“Three auditors will come here to check the projects of the city government under PGS. If we pass in this level, we will go for the level of institutionalization -- the highest level in terms of good governance; and if we pass in this level, we can be called as an Island of Good Governance wherein if there are foreign visitors, the national government will introduce Legazpi City to the visitors from other countries as a certified champion in governance,” Rosal said.

The PGS was introduced by the ISA as a transformation tool to nation-building to enable government institutions, including national agencies and LGUS, to deliver quality public service while advocating transparency, accountability and excellence in good governance.

It is a performance management framework that builds on the potentials of government organizations, allowing them to implement strategic projects to achieve and sustain their goals.

"The entry of Legazpi City in the PGS is a very good move on the part of the city administration that will help continue its various programs and projects for the development and progress of this city," Rosal said.

The Office of the Strategy Management of the city headed by former city councilor Chito Ante has created 38 Vision-Aligned Circles (VACs), composed of all elective city officials, department heads and regular employees.

Ante said every VAC has its own initiatives and the VACs have already created the city’s tourist tanods and city concierge.

They have also organized Istoryang Bikolnon, Boulevard Music Festival and Cleanliness Patrol in six villages in the boulevard area, five barangays within the Central Business District and other five villages within the areas of Albay district.

Ante said they proposed also the establishment of Mayon Quality Service Rating System, amendment of existing ordinance on tourist friendly tricycles, establishment of a weekend market and food street at the boulevard and formulated the Model Barangay Project.

He said they have already created tourist help desks in different key tourist destinations in this city.

The VACS have also formulated guidelines for the model tricycle drivers and prepared a tourist-friendly enhancement training module for operators and drivers of vans operating in this city.

They likewise proposed amendments to the City’s Citizen Charter, Ante added.

He said the VACS have conducted five information and education campaigns on the city’s vision among various sectoral groups and held training for 41 on-site STI Educators, including 20 women, on ten distinct Bicolano delicacies.

These groups have also created a City Employees Competency Data Base.

They have prepared a drainage maintenance program and conducted professional skills training and workshop modules for the frontline service providers of the city administration.

They further formulated 5S implementation plan, Ante said.

He said the VACS have also formulated policies and guidelines for model/outstanding city government employees and the guidelines for a quick response team at Barangay Bogtong.

They have also made a design for functional emergency hotlines/stickers in 25 villages within the Central Business District and conceptualized an Agri-Farm Tourism Design Project at the Legazpi Eco Park in the southern village of Homapon, he added.

Ante disclosed the VACS have collated and compiled Legazpi legendary stories, historical landmarks, poems, tigsik and rawit-dawit pieces and drafted an investment incentive package.(PNA) FPV/FGS/EPS/cbd