Monday, October 5, 2015

Salceda pays tribute to global educators on World Teachers Day celebration
By Nancy Ibo Mediavillo

LEGAZPI CITY, Oct. 5 (PNA) -- "I owe everything --- who I am, what I have and how I think -- to teachers. Without my teachers, I have nothing."

This was the opening statement of Governor Joey Sarte Salceda in connection with the celebration of the World Teachers Day Monday.

Salceda said that without the teachers, there would be no engineers, accountants, doctors, nurses, social workers, architects, managers and other professionals.

He said his parents were also teachers -- in fact, his first mentors.

The Albay chief executive also enumerated all who taught him the basics and complexities in life -- from caton, elementary, secondary, college and masteral course at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City as a scholar of the US Agency for International Development.

Salceda said among those who have great influence on his education outside the school is his aunt, Sister Mercedes, OSB, who has imparted in him the virtue of constant kindness.

The governor said this teaching of his aunt has remained and will remain the center of his political philosophy.

In this connection, the green economist said, he put emphasis on education as soon as took the rein of the provincial government as governor.

In fact, the financial expert said, the budget for education has risen to 24 percent, from a mere one percent.

He said his emphasis on education led to the creation of the Provincial Education Department (PED).

Through the PED, the province has already sent 77,142 scholars to college, aside from other programs and projects in education that have been implemented by the province.

This catapulted the ranking of the province in the National Achievement Test from 177th place among the 183 schools divisions in the entire country to 19th in 2012 and No. 35 last year.

The province, Salceda said, aspires to be in the Top 10 soonest. (PNA) CTB/FGS/NIM/CBD