Wednesday, October 7, 2015

6 of 10 Albayanos choose Leni as next VP

LEGAZPI CITY, Oct. 6 (PNA) -- Six out of ten Albayanos claim Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo is the “woman to beat” among the four Bicolanos aspiring for the vice presidential post.

Majority of those interviewed by the Philippines News Agency Tuesday said they welcome Robredo’s decision to be the running mate of Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party presidential standard bearer.

Several others expressed doubts, however, that she would win over other Bicolano aspirants who are either more experienced, moneyed or have political networks.

“Among the Bicolano vice presidential bets. Rep. Leni lives and symbolizes everything that is good and honorable in being a Bicolano. Personal accounts of ordinary people in the region have been consistent that Leni is Bicolandia’s overwhelming choice. As her colleague in the House of Representatives, I am the least surprised by this well spring of support,” Rep. Grex Lagman (LP, Albay 1st Dist.) said in a phone interview,

Dr. Ofelia Samar Sy said in a text message, "She is Bicol's greatest contribution to our country's political system's booming reputation. She is not just the typical David defeating Goliath during her successful congressional bid against a political kingpin, but she is an extraordinary down-to-earth person who is not a politician but a true public servant."

She said Leni would truly stand out among the five vice-presidentiables, three of whom are from Bicol and one has a wife who is also from Bicol.

"She is truly an exemplary rose among the thorns. She is incredibly hardworking, intelligent and pro-poor. She takes ten-hour bus rides even when plane rides are more convenient. She is the only congressman I know who goes to the most remote areas regularly all year-round and allows true people's participation," Sy said.

Definitely, she added, Robredo will contribute immensely to Roxas' campaign, as people will easily spot a true gem in her.

“I am seeing an easy win for her, which is indeed a victory for our country,” Sy added.

Irene Solmirano, Entrepinay Legazpi City Chapter president, said Robredo's decision to be the vice presidential running mate of Mar Roxas was, indeed, a hard one.

"She would be sacrificing her personal and family interests. But the challenge of service, quality and sincere one, to the country and her fellow Filipinos, especially those wearing 'tsinelas' and are at the 'laylayan', is worth facing -- bravely. Leni has the heart of a mother, the untiring spirit of a head of the family, the ability and charisma to win hearts and the caring and loving eye for one's neighbor as taught by God," she said.

The civil society organization leader said Robredo will be the country's next vice president, an unblemished one, adding, "and, who knows, after six years, we will have the first Bicolano president -- and a woman at that!"

Father Jovic Lobrigo said “It is a welcome development when a non-trapo and reluctant candidate with solid qualifications, both personal and professional, comes forward. I’m sure the Filipino electorates will support her.”

Jose Briones, a tourism officer, said in spite of her being young in politics, Robredo will be able to carry on easily as a vice president in case she gets elected.

"Her knowledge as a lawyer and the experiences she learned from her late husband, Secretary Jesse Robredo, as city mayor of Naga, who was hailed as an outstanding leader in government service, would be sufficient in making her get inspired in paving the direction of her political career smoothly and easily," Briones said.

A university Political Science professor, he said, the Camarines Sur lawmaker has an edge over the other VP aspirants due to the following characteristics: She is a woman, single mother, simple living, fully educated.

The women's vote will go to her, Briones said.

"When she talks of Tuwid na Daan, she comes across with integrity. She has never been tainted with corruption, in fact, she offered free legal services during her stint in the private sector," he added.

She practices what she talks about, rides the bus when she goes home to Naga, and maintains her simplicity, honesty and sincerity, Briones said.

"Given this, it's Grace and Leni in 2016," he added, however.

Marcial Tuanqui, a member of the Albay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, "It's an excellent choice of the LP as she represents what the 'Matuwid na Daan' programs stands for as well as hers and Jess Robredo's." (PNA) LAP/FGS/MSA/CBD/EDS