Monday, August 17, 2015

LP to make Roxas a ‘majoritarian president’ – Salceda

LEGAZPI CITY, Aug. 14 (PNA) -- The Liberal Party will be working out strategies that would make Mar Roxas a majoritarian president, Albay Governor Joey Sarte Salceda said in a phone interview Friday.

Salceda, LP Bicol regional chairperson, said he sees a four-cornered presidential fight and the significant players would be Roxas, Senator Grace Poe, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Jejomar Binay.

He said in this kind of election scenario, a plurality president wins, meaning the winner only gets minority votes as the voting population would be divided into four.

“If Grace runs we surely be having a plurality president,” Salceda said.

According to him, a one-on-one fight for the presidential post is very ideal as it would make a “majoritarian” president.

Citing past election results, the Albay governor said that since 1986 to date Philippine president won by plurality votes.

Citing the Marcos-Cory fight in 1986, Marcos won by getting only 11 million votes .

In the 2010 election, many thought that it was a landslide vote but President Aquino only got 42 percent same with Joseph Estrada’s vote, the rest (58 percent) either voted for other candidates or failed to vote.

Salceda believes that the big gap, with 60 percent not voting for the president, would be a big structural burden for a leader to build a consensus, saying “you cannot serve the country with 60 percent of people not voting for you.”

For this reason, the party will strive to reverse this situation by working out a majoritarian vote for Roxas.

Salceda said this is the main reason why he is pushing for a Roxas-Poe tandem since the two would be a good partner in winning the market place of ideas and market place of emotion.

“They have the same psychographic values focused on Tuwid na Daan and the fight against corruption,” he said.

The economist-political, however, said if Poe runs for president, it would be an “uphill” battle for all the presidential candidates.

Salceda said his message is clear: “Get Poe to keep Duterte at bay, politics is a game of “bailiwick”. Duterte has Mindanao while Mar and Grace has Capiz and Panay.”

“A Mar-Grace tandem would discourage Duterte to run,” he said.

Salceda strongly denied a report that he shifted his preference from Roxas to Duterte, once the latter decides to run for president in the upcoming May 2016 polls.

In his FB post, he just laughed off the news report about the “switch”, tagging it as a “political witching time” snatched and snapped from an interview with the Radyo Inquirer.

When asked what he meant by “political witching time” he swiftly replied that it is a simple news “spin.”

“It’s not true I shifted from Mar to Duterte. As a FB practitioner, I upload articles from all sides with my comments after checking that the link is legitimate. At no time did I endorse or even impishly suggested Duterte,” the Albay head said.

Salceda clarified that during the interview he pointed out that if Poe and Roxas both run, the one with a bailiwick may just get it.

“No one can deny, Mindanao wants its own first President,” he said.

When asked if he really decided to cancel his plan to run for congressman in the second district Albay, Salceda was quick to answer “yes”.

According to him, he would help Roxas in his national campaign for president in the 2016 national election in May.

“There’s no more moon to conquer; it’s definitely an incipient desire to go national, when you are part of a national campaign, as if your running nationally,” he said.

Salceda said he had been a congressman and a governor who had finished all his terms.

“This time, I would want to serve Albay in the best way I can by being in the national scene, bringing attention and mobilizing resources to level up Albay,” he said.

Salceda said he would assist Roxas in his platform position and outreaching local government leaders. (PNA) RMA/FGS/MSA/CBD/eds