Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sorsogon village raises fund for chapel renovation

PILAR, Sorsogon, May 6 (PNA) -- Barangay Abas is holding a fund-raising project for the renovation of the village chapel.

Frederick Madronero, Parish Pastoral Council president, said the project involves the distribution of 50 envelopes each to every village official for distribution to the villagers.

Each village official will be represented by a youth contestant and the youth contestants of the first three highest fund raisers will be the winners.

"We came up with this idea because the council really needs budget to repair the chapel," Madronero said.

He said the project also aims to build good relationship among the people in the community and to make them actively participate in projects for the improvements of the barangay.

"Also, we are coordinating with the youth council to participate in the said event and told them that we will give them budget if there are seminars to attend to enhance their skills in instruments, singing and dancing," he added.

The barangay officials agreed to have nine candidates in the contest.

There will be two sets of canvassing: the first canvassing will be on May 30 and the second, on July 11.

The first three runners-up or winners will be featured as highlights of the parade during the feast day.

The activities will be held at the Abas covered court.(PNA) LAP/RCK/FGS/OJT/CBD