Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Legazpi water distributor cites extreme weather condition, busted transformer for water supply lack

LEGAZPI CITY, Aug. 26 (PNA) -- Some residents of Legazpi City will experience insufficient water supply this week, a top official of the Legazpi City Water District said.

LCWD spokesman Richard Atun said Philippine Hydro Inc. (PhilHydro), the bulk water supplier to LCWD, recorded a decrease in water supply due to extreme weather condition, aside from the busting of its electric transformer being used in the operation.

Atun said they expect the installation of a new transformer on Wednesday, which he hopes will bring back the normal operation of the water agency.

He said the decrease of water level started since summer season but became worst this week.

Atun said unstable flow of water leads to insufficient and unclean water distribution.

"Because of the intermittent supply, more residues have been formed in pipelines that lead to unclean water supply which is unfit for drinking. This can be solved if the supply will be continuous, aside from the effort of Phil-Hydro to install reverse osmosis system which will be used to filter water," the LCWD spokesman added.

Atun asked for the patience of Legazpenos for this temporary inconvenience.

Phil-Hydro's water supply comes from a developed spring source located at the boundary of Barangay Pawa and Barangay Bogtong, aside from wells in villages of Bogá¹…a and Mabinit and spring in Barangay Buyuan, both in the northern part of the city.

Atun said that in normal days, the water district distributes almost 200 cubic meters in a day but this week, it decreases up to 120 cubic meters only -- which is distributed to 21,000 consumers in 52 of 70 villages in Legazpi City.

Legazpi City is divided into four water areas; the Albay District, Legazpi Port District (commercial area), southern (upland) area and northern area where sources of water are.

Water supply is still limited in Albay District, Legazpi Port and part of southern area. On Wednesday last week, Atun said, the situation worsened -- reason why they started "valving" the pipelines to equally distribute water.

Valving refers to closing the pipe partially to control the flow of water into other lines.

Valving areas are at the Bogtong area to divide supply of water to reach Albay District and at Barangay Dita area to supply water to the city commercial area.

Legazpi water was declared not potable by former Mayor Geraldine Rosal last year 2011 after the University of the Philippines Natural Sciences and Research Institute (UP-NSRI) study showed that it does not conform with the Philippine National Standard for drinking water because of high level of total dissolved solids (TDS), indicating not fit for drinking and that resulted in the revocation of the business permit of Phil-Hydro.

Maynilad took over the operations of PhilHydro in October 2012.(PNA) FPV/FGS/AMM/CBD/