Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CamSur town celebrates 436th annual feast, Bamboo Festival
By John Mark Escandor

BULA, Camarines Sur, July 21 (PNA) — This town will hold its fluvial procession of the image of Saint Mary Magdalene at the Bula River on Monday and its 436th annual fiesta main celebration on Tuesday with the theme “Our People, our Treasure.”

The town also celebrates the Bamboo and the Tambubong Festival.

The celebration’s theme clearly manifests the local government’s appreciation of the significant contribution of its constituents, not only in their local economy but also in the preservation of their rich cultural heritage, Mayor Rolando N. Canet said Monday.

“After more than a year that the new mandate has been entrusted to us in leading a responsive, new leadership to our constituents, it is only appropriate to give back and express our gratitude to God for all the blessings bestowed upon us through the intercession of Mary Magdalene,” Canet said.

He enjoined the cooperation of all sectors to be a part of the celebration as they take pride in celebrating their festival in this opportune time when the town of Bula rises behind new achievements for new and productive changes.

Canet added that it is not important that these accomplishments are enumerated but to ensure that the constituents can see, feel and experience these tangible changes.

Bula is famous for the rich supply and abundance of bamboo, known as one of the fastest-growing plants in the world – thus, the creation of the Bamboo Festival here.

The product’s economic value can be seen in the line of bamboo furniture makers along the Maharlika Highway.

Bula is a first class municipality classified as partially urban and boasts of its big ricelands where Bulaeños get their source of palay.

Tambubong for Bulaeños means palay in its early blooming stage.

Canet also commended the LGU’s elective officials, heads of offices and its employees, including the socio-civic and religious organizations for their unwavering support to rapidly transform the system of governance in Bula, which resulted in the social and economic growth of the municipality.

Bula, according to history, is among the towns in Camarines Sur founded by the Spanish conquistadores when they arrived in Bicol after their sojourn from Visayas in 1576.

Other areas include Naga City, Quipayo, Calabanga, and Nabua.

The local government has also prepared a long list of activities in time for the town’s feast on July 22.

A grand motorcade was held on July 12 to jumpstart the celebration, followed by Youth Day, Barangay Day and three-in-one celebration of Senior Citizen’s Day, Health Day, and Persons with Disability.

To recognize the contribution of the farmers and fishermen to the local economy of the municipality of Bula, there was also a Farmers and Fisherfolk’s Day on July 16 where they showcased their produce.

Other activities held were: July 17 - LGU Day; July 18 - Araw ng Kababaihan and the much-awaited Coronation Night of Ms. Bula 2014; July 19 - DepEd Day and the one-day civic parade; July 20 - Military Parade; July 21 – Fluvial Procession of the Image of Saint Mary Magdalene at Bula River, and on July 22 - the main date of the celebration. (PNA) FPV/FGS/JME/CBD/